..."The songs are catchy and well played, with particularly intelligent guitar lines by co-producer and chief songwriter Steven Digman."-- Timothy Peters (Associate Writer), Music Dish

..."Most of the originals -- from the heartfelt "How Much Longer..." to the rousing roadhouse clap along "Happy Hour," the graceful, country-tinged "Valentines on Christmas Day" and the jazzy fingersnapper "Happy Love Song" -- were written by the versatile songwriter Steve Digman (whose songs have been covered by, among others, Katie Melua)." --Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

The Literary Trope

..."Steven's command of the English language commands your arousal as never felt before."--Tara Taintion (Author, Lover, Experientiallist)

..."For those of you who read this and don't get it, read it again. Put thought into his words, let them swirl around your tongue, tasting and experiencing each word. I was impressed." --Katrina Stiles, Reviewer, Alternative Read



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